Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Put an Album on Bandcamp

"Pythagorean Clouds" on Bandcamp

Because sometimes I do actually record "albums".  Used to alot more, back when I was doing more beat-oriented stuff with Buzz.  I might put some of those older things on Bandcamp too.  Since Bandcamp caps the song length for new users at 26 minutes (with some snark about jam bands and "Serious Ambient Composers" (ahem) on top of that) there's not that much that I've recorded in the last 5 years that I can post.  

Anyway, "Pythagorean Clouds" is a collection of shorter pieces I wrote last summer, inspired by seeing a Pendulum Video I had seen on BoingBoing.  That led to developing a new "instrument" based on stacking up tones with amplitude oscillators and playing cyclical sounds, as opposed to the very linear stuff I had been doing involving factors of integers.  There are some pieces in there too involving modulated sine waves that were inspired by trying to compose 140-character drones that I could fit into a Tweet.

I might post some other older stuff on Bandcamp, or some excerpts of newer stuff.

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