Friday, June 14, 2013

Constructing "Cloud City" - the Mandelbulber settings

I've gotten into playing with 3D fractal rendering this year, using a program called "Mandelbulber." There's a whole scene that's emerged in the last 4 years around rending animations exploring 3D fractals, since the discovery of the "Mandelbulb" (a 3D mapping of the Mandelbrot Set) in 2009. I was playing around with a hybrid fractal (combining several algorithms into 1 system) a few months ago when I discovered something that reminded me of the "Cloud City" gas-mining station from the final act of "The Empire Strikes Back". The color palette comes from a photo of the hallway runner in my house, hence the name "Rugs in the 4th Dimension" This is a closeup flythrough of one of the many "trees" that appear throughout the system: You can get the Mandelbulber settings for this algorithm and explore it via Github.

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